Your Needs

Many people affected by a cancer diagnosis may need support with some or all of the things listed below.

  • Physical symptoms for example, pain, feeling sick and fatigue
  • Emotional & psychological needs for example, fear, sadness and anger
  • Spiritual needs for example, faith, hope and values
  • Family, social and practical needs for example, include home help, child care and financial support
  • Information needs for example, cancer diagnosis, treatments and options available

Knowing what you may need help with, or what may be important to tell the health care team caring for you, can be difficult.

One way to identify what help you may need is to fill out a supportive care needs screening tool. If you click on the ‘Your Needs’ button below, it will take you to a copy of the Distress Thermometer and Problem List. This screening tool is used to identify supportive care needs in many hospitals across Victoria.