Supportive Cancer Care | Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere


Some people with cancer have trouble eating or maintaining a healthy diet due to the cancer itself or side effects from treatment. The links below offer information about managing loss of appetite, weight loss and healthy eating:

What to expect

Cancer Council Victoria provide information about how nutrition can help you through your cancer diagnosis.

Cancer Council Victoria provides information about how to manage side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery or a combination of treatments that affect the mouth area. 

Cancer Council Victoria provide information to help people understand more about the possible effects of cancer treatments on their experience of eating, including changes to smell and taste.

Support information and services

Health Direct provides information about what a chronic disease management plan is and how you can work with your GP to access allied health services such as a dietitian.

Gather My Crew connects people going through tough times with friends and family who want to provide practical help such as providing home cooked meals.

LOVLIST is a List Of Volunteers. It is a caring community where people use their skills, time and talents to help lighten the load for those they know and love, including help with cooking.

Meals on Wheels can deliver a meal to your door during periods of ill-health, when you may be unable to cook.