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Many people undergoing treatment for cancer experience low energy levels or an unusual tiredness (fatigue). Fatigue can affect physical and emotional well-being. To find out more about living with and managing cancer-related fatigue, click on the links below.

What to expect

Cancer Council Victoria provide information to help you understand more about fatigue, a common side effect of cancer and cancer treatments and how it can be managed. 

Cancer Council Victoria explains the benefits of exercise for people affected by cancer.

You may wish to talk to your GP about referral to a community physiotherapist, exercise physiologist, or a community rehabilitation program as part of your management plan.

The Department of Health provides information on the types of care plans your GP can prepare for you to help manage fatigue related to cancer and its treatment.

Support information and services

Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists are trained to help people live with and manage cancer-related fatigue. You may have access to a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist through your treating centre. If you don’t, you can visit the National Health Services Directory to find a service provider close to your home.

The National Health Services Directory connects people to local health service providers and health practitioners, including physiotherapists and exercise physiologists.