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Teletrials use telehealth to allow patients to access and participate in clinical trials closer to home. A clinical trial is a research study that investigates whether new treatments are safe and effective for people with cancer.

This video is about how teletrials are conducted.

Patients who participated in a Teletrials study said that they were very pleased to be able to receive new treatments closer to home.  It meant they could have family and carers close by, they did not have to travel to main cities and it involved less cost and time. Having treatment closer to home can also be less stressful for patients and their families.

Teletrials allow cancer patients from regional and rural Australia to be part of a clinical trial.

These short videos are about patient and health professionals’ experiences of teletrials.

Toni is a regional cancer patient who is to taking part in a teletrial.

Philip, a cancer patient is pleased to be treated closer to home in a teletrial.

Felicity, a research nurse supports patients who take part in teletrials.

Lavinia, a trial doctor explains the benefits of accessing new therapies in a teletrial.

More information about Teletrials can be found on the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Care Centre website.