Supportive Cancer Care | Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

Work and school

Visit the links below if you need help finding information or support for you or someone in your workplace:

Support information and services

Cancer Council Victoria provide information help and support for those who want to know about working during and post cancer treatment, including your workplace rights.

Cancer Council Victoria provide information for employers to help them provide a supportive workplace to those impacted by a cancer diagnosis.

The Work after Cancer resource offers information to support working during and after a cancer diagnosis, providing advice to people diagnosed with cancer, their loved ones, clinicians and employers about their options, rights and responsibilities.

If you need help finding information or support for you or someone that is at University or TAFE.

Canteen offers information on how to cope with your study workload while you are dealing with cancer.

OnTracs Thinking Ahead resource aims to provide young people with the information they require to make informed choices regarding education and vocation planning, both during treatment and in the years beyond.

If you have a child with cancer, or you or someone close to you has cancer and you have children.

MissingSchool helps keep seriously sick kids connected to their regular schools and getting their special learning and social needs met through everyday practices.

Cancer Council Victoria help schools to support students and families affected by cancer by being aware of how cancer can affect people, what the treatments involve and their possible side effects. 

Camp Quality’s touring puppet show for primary schools answers difficult questions kids have about cancer. The show encourages kids to be supportive of their classmate who have a mum, dad, brother or sister impacted by cancer – or who have cancer themselves, and reduces the likelihood of bullying, exclusion, confusion or anxiety.

Canteen provide information and support to young people once cancer treatment ends, to start the next chapter in their life and create a ‘new normal’. That might mean changes to the things you do, your plans for the future and what you consider important.

The Ronald McDonald Learning Program is a national program run by Ronald McDonald House Charities to assist seriously ill children catch up on their learning. 

headspace Work and Study Programs support 15-25-year-olds to plan a career, find employment or work towards further education – in a highly accessible, confidential and youth-friendly environment.